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Visa Assistance Web Mail

This page is for University of Michigan international students, scholars, faculty, staff members or visitors who are experiencing problems obtaining a visa to enter the U.S.

The University of Michigan is committed to assisting our foreign national faculty, students and staff when possible, through this Visa Assist Program.

The information gathered in this form will be sent to a U-M email group. The members of this group will take all possible steps to assist you with U-M related matters such as admission, enrollment, and employment. However, the University's ability to assist with the issuance of a visa stamp is limited.

U.S. visa stamps are issued by the United States Department of State based on your reason for applying to come to the U.S. The U.S. consular official has the discretion to issue you a visa stamp or not.

Please read the information on your Visa Responsibilities.

Please fill in as much information as you are able. The more information you can give us the better we will be able to assist you.

Identifying Information

1. Name (Please enter the name used on your passport and your immigration documents; I-20 or DS-2019.)

Last Name: * required

First Name: * required

Middle Name:

2. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): * required

3. SEVIS ID: (* required for F-1 and J-1 visa holders only)

4. U-M identification number: (If you have one)

5. Passport number:

6. Country of Passport:

7. Contact me at this email address: * required

8. Contact me at this phone number:

University Status Information

9. My university status is:

10. Name of school, college or department contact. If dept only, give name of department.

a. Name of Department: * required

b. Name of person to contact: * required

c. Email of person to contact:

11. Are you employed: Yes No   * required

Visa Problem Information

12. I am currently in (name of country):

13. I went to the U.S. embassy/consulate in (name of city):
* required

14. The date of my most recent visa interview was (mm/dd/yyyy):   * required

15. I applied for this type of visa stamp:

16. My visa has been: delayed / denied because:


18. I have been told that my delay will last:

19. I presented an acceptance/offer/invitation letter from the University of Michigan to the U.S. embassy/consulate. True False

20. My greatest concerns are:

21. Is your visa problem related to your dependent? If so, please explain below:

22. Other questions and concerns I have are:

23. Additional information important to my situation

Send a copy of this message to me.

Last reviewed: 11/08