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U-M Student Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are U-M students who have studied or worked abroad and have extensive overseas travel experience. The peer advisors are trained to help you learn about the education abroad opportunities and help you decide which option will be best for you. They are available to assist only students, faculty, staff and alumni affiliated with the University of Michigan.

Our peer advisors are located within the U-M International Center, and are available through email, by appointment, or by advising hours throughout the academic year.

2015-2016 Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Sara Engelhard is a senior majoring in International Studies and Anthropology. Her sophomore year, she participated in the Michigan International Internship & Service Program, leading to an internship in Dublin, Ireland for a nonprofit organization called Camara. Camara provided education to disadvantaged schools through the reuse of computer technology, and it was an absolutely amazing experience to have. She then went on to study abroad in Santiago, Chile the second semester of her junior year (switching it up a little bit!). Now, she is back in lil' ol' Ann Arbor, Michigan, and she is SO excited to get to know other students and help them achieve their dreams internationally!

Joon Lee is a junior majoring in Sport Management with a focus on international business. He was born and raised in the Northern Marianas Islands, a territory of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean. Throughout his sophomore year, he has made several trips to China through the Ross School of Business and the LSA International Internship Program. He has also taken several opportunities to travel to South Korea, where most of his family currently resides. He is currently an ambassador for the School of Kinesiology, as well as an undergraduate fellow for the Nam Center for Korean Studies. He enjoys traveling, watching and taking part in sports, and meeting new people.

Leonora Lucaj is a graduate student at the School of Social Work. Her focus is Interpersonal Practice in Mental Health. In the future, she is interested in advising & counseling students while working at a university. As an undergrad, Leonora was a part of the MIISP program and ended up going to Barcelona, Spain where she taught English. That same summer, she traveled to France and Italy as well. She also took a Global Course Connections class through the Department of Psychology. During this course, Leonora and her classmates did a research project and then went to China to compare the results with Chinese students that were doing the same project. This past summer Leonora travelled to Mexico for a soccer tournament. Leonora's favorite hobby, when not taking classes, is reading for pleasure and watching TV shows, especially Scandal! She is so excited to be working with all of you and cannot wait to see more students go abroad!

Brad McPherson is a freshman majoring in French and International Studies. Along with being a peer advisor, Brad creates the videos for the International Center’s YouTube channel. Coming from a multiracial background, he has learned much about the world through his relatives in England, France, and South Korea. During his junior year of high school, Brad studied history, art history, and language in Paris. The term abroad truly broadened his outlook on the world, and he is very eager to encourage others to study overseas as well!

Emma Saraff is a senior majoring in Honors Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience (BCN) and minoring in Japanese. As a sophomore, she studied abroad in Kyuushu University through the Asia in Today's world summer program. The following year, after participating in the Michigan International Internship and Service Program (MIISP), she interned at a real estate company in Tokyo, Japan. She can be found on many different places on campus, including the Sweetland Writing Center and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, locations where she works as a peer advisor. Originally from Valencia, Spain, she has had ample experience abroad and is eager to help students find their own international paths!

Aubrey Sitler is a dual master's student in the Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Social Work. Her focus in social work is Interpersonal Practice in Mental Health, and as a Global Activities Scholar she spent last summer completing a social work field placement in the public mental health system in Melbourne, Australia. As an undergraduate at Wake Forest University, she majored in English and Spanish and studied for a summer at the University of Oxford and for a semester at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. She has since returned to Oxford three times to serve as the graduate resident adviser for the same program. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she spent six months teaching English to middle school students in Vicuña McKenna, Argentina and traveling through South America. She also spent time volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, an experience that spurred her on to pursue a career in international social work and public policy with a focus on mental health, disability, gender inequality, and human rights policy in a global setting.


Become a Peer Advisor

If you've had an international experience and would like to share your expertise and familiarity with studying, working, or travelling abroad, we need you! Our peer advisors not only advise students, but also design and present workshops and seminars on education abroad.

For more information about peer advisors, contact or call 734.647.2259.


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