Betsy Nash

Betsy Nash
Class Level: 
School of Social Work

Peace Corps Recruiter: Betsy served as an Education volunteer in northern Malawi from 2017-2020. In addition to teaching high school English at Eswazini Community Secondary School, Betsy worked with her collegues and traditional leaders to implement and integrate anti-human trafficking curriculums into classrooms. She also assisted in starting a pig husbandry program with community members that has continued to grow. Betsy served as PC Malawi's National Coordinator for Grassroot Soccer, a non-profit organization based out of South Africa that focuses on using soccer and other engaging activities to educate youth on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, gender equity and personal autonomy. In this role she aided in the planning and facilitation of cross cutting training events for volunteers and their Malawian counterparts and also provided support for volunteers when implementing the GRS program within their own communities. Betsy had plans of serving a fourth year for Peace Corps Malawi as a Response volunteer, however, due to the current state of the world she is now pursuing her Masters of Social Work.