Resources for Study Abroad Advisors

Below are resources and extra reading around the topic of study abroad. Links provide general study abroad information. Resources can help students prepare for new cultural experiences and offer tips for more enjoyable traveling.

External Readings: Study Abroad

Abroad View Magazine 
Features first-hand reports written by students and recent graduates. Published by the non-profit Abroad View Foundation. All issues are available free online. 

American Bar Association: Foreign Study Programs in Law 
Includes the ABA's criteria and lists of ABA-approved study abroad programs for law students. 

Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET)
An essential organization for those involved in international programs at the high school level. 

The Electronic Embassy 
Web site collects the home pages of all US-based embassies. Provides cultural and educational exchange information and official information for travel requirements 

Matadoru Travel Media School 
Online courses, tips, and professional career development community for travel photographers, writers, and filmmakers. Endorsed by National Geographic.

International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA)
Essential for those interested in international volunteering and service learning because IVPA is the only organization to set standards for volunteering abroad. Their web site lists programs for volunteering abroad, some of which offer academic credit, and has extensive links to relevant resources. 

Language Course Finder, International Where+How
Online version of the Where+How Guides. This web site's database lists language courses worldwide. Searches possible on a variety of categories 

Mobility International
Nonprofit organization provides information on education abroad programs for people with disabilities. See their National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange 

Study Abroad Programs in Non-English Speaking Countries with Courses in English
Site provides a sampling of programs that offer upper-level courses taught in English in majors which are less-commonly offered in study abroad. 

Universities Worldwide
Searchable database for universities around the world. May be useful for students looking for direct-enrollment options, such as applicants for Fulbright and Rotary scholarships. 

University of California-Irvine, International Opportunities Program
Basic information on study abroad, summer programs, internships, research, teaching, volunteering and work abroad programs with links to many other education abroad web sites. 

U-M International Center, Education Abroad Office 
A collection of articles, annotated links and print resources for study, work and travel abroad. 

University of Minnesota, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA), Maximizing Study Abroad: A Students' Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use 
Flexible and user-friendly guide helps students identify and use a wide variety of language- and culture-learning strategies. Portions of the book may be downloaded free. 

University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center
University site includes several different information pages and searchable databases such as the following links:

External Scholarships Database 

Diversity Abroad: 
Multicultural Students Abroad 
Access Abroad for Students With Disabilities 
GLBT Students Abroad

Work, Internships and Volunteering: 
Work, Intern & Volunteer Abroad Overview 
Intern Abroad 
Volunteer Abroad 
Teach English Abroad

What's Up With Culture?: An Online Cultural Training Resource for Study Abroad 
Provides a free, two-part orientation about living overseas for students preparing to study, work, intern, or volunteer abroad. 

Module 1, "What to Know Before You Go," looks at the importance of awareness of cultural differences, using critical incidents from actual experiences abroad of students and Peace Corps volunteers. 

Module 2, "Welcome Back! Now What?" is intended to prepare students for returning home, from "reverse culture shock" to applying the skills learned abroad in a wide variety of social, academic, professional and personal contexts. 

Worldwide Classroom
Site includes listings of intensive language programs and programs suitable for people from K-12 through adults. 

World Wide Colleges and Universities
Links to university and international office web sites organized by country. May be especially useful for students looking for direct-enrollment options, such as applicants for Fulbright and Rotary scholarships.