International Student ID Cards (ISIC)

Types of International ID Cards

The following internationally recognized cards entitle you to discounts offered around the world. The card is a picture ID with your name, date of birth, and the name of your institution (for students and faculty). A card can be purchased for $25.

International Student Identity Cards (ISIC)

Available to students (12 years and up) only.

International Teacher Identity Cards (ITIC)

Available to faculty members and GSIs.

International Youth Identity Cards (IYIC)

Available for youths under age 26 who are not students.

Only these specific products are recognized internationally. Beware of imitations! You can purchase these cards in Ann Arbor at



Benefits of the International Student Identification Card include:

  • International recognition of your full-time student status; your M-Card will most likely not suffice for getting student discounts abroad
  • Access to flexible student airfare on major airlines
  • Discounted train tickets and rail passes
  • Discounts and specials at hotels and hostels around the world
  • Discounts at retailers – including many in the US!
  • 24-hour travel assistance service, but U-M students should purchase the University of Michigan Travel Abroad Health Insurance for access to emergency assistance services.

Discount on airfare

This is one of the major benefits. Special student travel agencies arrange for student discounts on international flights with certain airlines, which can save up to several hundred dollars per ticket.

Visit STA Travel’s website to see deals or call 1-800-332-5442

Discount on tickets and entrance fees

  • Museums
  • Historical sites
  • Cultural events
  • Transportation fares

Discounts differ in each country. You should always show your card and ask if student/teacher/youth discounts are available when you purchase tickets. For transportation discounts, see the list of special agencies worldwide listed in the handbook that comes with your ID card.

Health and Accident Insurance

The purchase of an ID card includes a limited health and accident insurance policy, effective only outside the U.S. All bills must be paid by the student at the time of treatment and reimbursements will be made later.

This insurance coverage is not a substitute for a comprehensive health policy. It is an additional benefit designed to supplement your main health policy. If you do not have other insurance coverage, please speak with an advisor at the U-M International Center about comprehensive policies. U-M students, faculty, and staff are eligible for the U-M Travel Health Insurance Plan which provides comprehensive coverage at only $1.10/day. ID cards purchased outside the U.S. do not carry health insurance benefits.

Hotline Help

There is a toll-free 24-hour ISIC Emergency hotline for cardholders. While overseas, call the number on the back of the ISIC card to speak to a legal, travel, or medical advisor. Services include:

  • English-speaking operators who are prepared to help in medical, financial, and legal emergencies
  • Assistance in arranging an appointment with an English-speaking doctor or lawyer
  • Assistance in locating the nearest American embassy.
  • They cannot advance money, but they can assist in overseas cash transfers.
  • Help with replacing lost or stolen airline tickets, luggage, or documents.
  • Answer all questions about the insurance coverage mentioned above.


Card Validity

  • Student ID card.
    • Valid for up to sixteen months, from September of one year through December of the next. The card expires on December 31st.
    • Card is recognized in more than sixty countries in most areas of the world
  • Purchasers must be or must have been enrolled for some portion of the academic year in which the card will be valid. If you wish to buy a card for the coming school year, you must provide proof that you will be a student that year. See below for acceptable forms of proof of student status.
  • International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC).
    • Valid for up to sixteen months, from September of one year through December of the next. The card expires on December 31st.
  • International Youth Identity Cards (IYIC).
    • Valid for one year from the date of purchase.


How to get an International ID Card

Visit STA Travel’s Website. You must provide proof of your status as a full-time or part-time student in a degree-granting institution. Students must provide a current photograph (1x1).

Proof of Student Status.

  • U-M students can provide their M-Card
  • Non-U-M students can provide a university or high school student ID card which clearly states the semester and year.
  • A statement from the Registrar on school stationery embossed with the school seal
  • A report card
  • A tuition receipt
  • If you are on detached study, a letter on school stationery from your department stating that you are currently considered a student in good standing.

Students of any age may apply for the card, but in some countries students are eligible for discounts (especially discounts on train tickets) only if they are under age 26.

Proof of Faculty Status

Bring your faculty ID card. Faculty status is defined by U-M, including research positions


Bring proof of your age such as a drivers' license or passport