Budget Travel Tips

  • Take advantage of your student status. Many places, such as museums, cinemas, theaters, buses, trains and airline companies offer discounts for full time students. Don't be afraid to ask!
  • Travel with a group. Many hotels, restaurants, theaters and museums offer a group rate.
  • Look in guide books and/or local newspapers for special rates or coupons for restaurants, amusement parks, plays, etc.
  • Plan ahead--most museums and public attractions offer free or discounted admission on certain days.
  • Save money on food by shopping in grocery stores rather that eating out for every meal. If you must eat out, try going to delis and diners where the food is usually cheap.
  • Take advantage of Youth Hostels and camp grounds. Not only are they cheaper than hotels but are a good way to meet fellow travelers.
  • Take the time to study maps of the city instead of relying on the public transportation map. Sometimes what looks like a long distance between train/bus stops is actually walking distance.