Phases of Adjustment

  General Attitudes & Feelings Significant Events Emotional Responses to Events Attitudinal and Behavioral Responses to Events Physical Responses to Events
At Home anticipation planning
excitement enthusiasm; some fear of unknown; concern about leaving family home and friends anticipation; loss of interest in current activities weariness; normal health
1 month exhilaration welcomes new housing, school, colleagues, sights, orientation, beginning classes sense of mission and purpose; tourist enthusiasm curiousity about nationals; avoidance of negative stereotypes; enthusiasm for classes intestinal disturbances; minor insomnia
2 months bewilderment
beginning of classes; unfamiliar sounds, smells, foods, language; term papers, quizzes qualms; restless, uncertainty; search for familiar activities; some withdrawal; increase in alcohol consumption neutral toward environment; skepticism; frustration; question values of others and self; much stress on family members colds; headaches; some have too many sick calls
3 months discouragement
cut back or stop language study; look for "secure" recreation; mid-terms, grades discouragement; bewilderment; concerns about sanitation; homesickness avoid contact with local people; withdraw; fear theft and injury; invoke stereotypes minor illnesses
4/5 months gradual recovery acceptable class performance, finals interest in new activities or cultural resignation constructive attitudes, accommodations normal health
6 months normal normal class performance equilibrium equilibrium normal health