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International Student and Scholar Workshops

Registration and Workshop Materials:
Most workshops do not require advanced registration, unless otherwise indicated. Workshop materials (e.g. presentations, handouts, etc.) will not be provided at the workshops. Please save your questions for the workshops.

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Employment Authorization

Employment Authorization for F-1 and J-1 Students: An Overview

To be announced

Would you like to learn more about the different kinds of employment authorization for F-1 and J-1 students, for employment either before or immediately after graduation? Or maybe you have heard about “OPT”, “CPT”, or “AT”, but want to know more about the differences between them and their advantages and disadvantages.

At this workshop, we will provide an overview of employment authorization options and authorization procedures for F-1 students such as Curricular Practical Training, Optional Practical Training, and employment under the sponsorship of certain recognized international organizations; and will also explain the Academic Training employment authorization for J-1 students. After attending this workshop, you will understand what kind of employment authorization is most appropriate for you, and will know what you need to do next if you decide to apply for one of these “work permits.”

This workshop is co-sponsored by Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the International Center.

Employment-Based U.S. Permanent Residency Information

Date Time Location Room
Tue, Nov 22 2:30pm Lurie Engineering Center
North Campus
Johnson Rooms
(3rd floor)

Permanent residency authorizes a foreign national to work in the U.S. indefinitely. Topics covered in the workshop include basic eligibility requirements and specific procedures.

Presenter: Vicky Farah from the Law Offices of Vicky Farah.

Workshop Outline pdf icon

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Office of Graduate Education Programs, College of Engineering and the International Center.

H-1B Temporary Worker in Specialty Occupations Basics

Date Time Location Room
Mon, Nov 7 4pm Ford School of Public Policy Betty Ford Classroom (Room 1110, first floor)

Designed for international students who plan to work in the U.S. following graduation. Topics covered include basic eligibility requirements and specific procedures.

Presenter: Dawn Welk Wise from the Law Firm of Irani & Wise.

Workshop Presentation pdf icon

Workshop Resource: The University of Michigan subscribes to an online resource called GOING GLOBAL. GOING GLOBAL includes a searchable online database of employers who have filed H-1B petitions. It will provide information about employers who have filed H-1B petitions for their employees in the past and might be willing to do so again.

To find the H-1B information, click on H1B Info then on H1B plus for the most flexible search options. GOING GLOBAL also has U.S./Canada city career guides and country-specific career guides which may be of interest to you. If you have any problems accessing or using this online resource, you can get help at Ask a Librarian.

This workshop is cosponsored by the International Center and Graduate Career Services at Ford School of Public Policy.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Information Sessions (not required)

To be announced

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a way for F-1 international students to obtain permission to work in the United States in the field related to their major area of study. Usually this “work permit” is used after graduation, but may be used prior to graduation as well.

At this workshop, you will learn the basics of OPT: definition, eligibility, timeline, and the application process. The goal of this workshop is to give you an overview of OPT and help you plan ahead, if you think that you may be interested in applying for OPT at some point.

Workshop Presentation pdf icon

In order to apply for OPT you must complete the OPT online certification course. These information sessions are supplementary and not required

This workshop is cosponsored by the International Center and Ford School of Public Policy.

U.S. Immigration Regulation Workshops

J Visa Holders: 212e Two-Year Foreign Residency Requirement and Waiver

To be scheduled in winter 2017

Some J-1 Exchange Visitors are subject to the U.S. Department of State's Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement [Immigration and Nationality Act 212(e)]. If the exchange visitor is subject to the INA 212(e) requirement, he or she cannot change his or her status to that of H, L, K, or immigrant lawful permanent resident (LPR) until he or she has returned to his/her home country for at least two-years or received a waiver of the requirement.

This session will provide an overview of the Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement, including an explanation of which J-1 Exchange Visitors may be affected by the requirement and procedures for applying for a waiver.

Pre-requisite: Before attending the workshop, please read the information at:

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen: Permanent Residency (Green Card) Process

To be scheduled in winter 2017

This workshop is designed for international students, scholars, faculty, and staff who are interested in learning how to obtain permanent residency (a “green card”) based on marriage to a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizen fiances and significant others are also welcome and encouraged to attend this event.

Topics covered will include legal requirements, forms, USCIS fees, processing times, preparing for the USCIS interview, an explanation of “conditional permanent residency,” and an explanation of how and when to petition USCIS to have the conditions removed.

Presenter: Vicky Farah from the Law Offices of Vicky Farah.

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U.S. Job and Internship Search

Preparing for Winter Career Expo

To be scheduled in winter 2017

**Please note, food and drinks (except bottled water) are not allowed in the Amphitheatre**

Winter Career Expo is a great way to network with organizations and continue your job and internship search! Organizations select this event to showcase job and/or internship opportunities specifically to UM-Ann Arbor students.

This workshop is designed to help international students navigate Winter Career Expo, launch internship, and understand immigration regulations and restrictions concerning internships.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Career Center, Rackham Graduate School, and the International Center.

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Navigating the U.S. Job Search

Date Time Location Room
Tue, Oct 11 2-4pm Michigan Union Kuenzel (1st floor)

Do you plan to work in the United States after finishing your degree? This program is designed to help international students maximize their chances of finding employment in this country. We'll discuss interview preparation, resume writing, cross-cultural issues, networking, and ways to identify appropriate opportunities. We'll also provide an overview of immigration regulations pertinent to international students, and Career Center services that are available to you on this campus.

Navigating the U.S. Job Search Presentation pdf icon

Career Center Presentation

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Career Center and the International Center.


Michigan Tax Workshop

To be scheduled in winter 2017

Representatives from the Michigan Department of the Treasury will explain the State of Michigan tax form to international students and scholars. This workshop is specifically designed for F-1 and J-1 international students and scholars. It will not help permanent residents or U.S. citizens. Individual assistance will be available after the presentation.

Please note this workshop is only offered one time during winter term. Since your Michigan tax form uses information from specific parts of your federal tax form, it is important to prepare your federal tax form before this workshop.You should bring a copy of your federal tax form to the workshop.

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Co-sponsored by Rackham Graduate School and the International Center.

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