International Center Student Council (ICSC)

ICSC Purpose

The International Center Student Council (ICSC) provides globally minded students with a forum to identify and examine issues affecting students. ICSC serves as a direct link between U-M students and the International Center. It is dedicated to helping the International Center fulfill its mission. ICSC also serves to provide a global community in which members can respectfully and creatively collaborate with each other and with IC to make UM a better place for personal and professional growth.

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ICSC Co-Leaders

Jiawen Qiao

Jiawen Qiao, Graduate, China

Jiawen is pursuing a Masters’ of Urban and Regional Planning in her second year at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. She was born and brought up in China, and has moved to Ann Arbor since graduate school. Jiawen enjoys exploring cities, understanding their history and experiencing different traditions and culture. When not occupied, Jiawen can be found reading at home, exploring art museums, or immersed in the great nature.

Analia Wu

Analia Wu, Undergraduate, Argentina/China

Analia is an undergraduate student studying Business Administration at the Ross School of Business. She is an Argentinian-born-Chinese who lived half of her life in China and the other half in Argentina. As a trilingual who is fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish, she enjoys travelling and studying in different countries while making new friends around the globe. In her spare time, Analia loves to explore diverse food options, especially Asian cuisine.


ICSC Members

ICSC Group Photo

2019-2020 ICSC Members

Aanya Agarwal, Undergraduate, India
Dharivi Bansal, Undergraduate, India
Fabienne Birkle, Doctorate, Germany
Alisher Duspayev, Doctorate, Kazakhstan
Catherine Hu, Undergraduate, China
Vivian Li, Undergraduate, China
Winnie Liu, Undergraduate, Taiwan
Tanisha Mittal, Masters, India
Clare Murray, Undergraduate, Canada
Jiawen Qiao, Masters, China
Poorani Ravindhiran, Masters, India
Rahul Srivastava, Doctorate, Canada
Analia Wu, Undergraduate, Argentina/China
Ziyi Wu, Undergraduate, China