Life in Ann Arbor

Located in southeast Michigan, Ann Arbor is a vibrant university town, technology and innovation hotspot, and culinary center with an active downtown scene. Frequently voted the best place to live in Michigan, Ann Arbor blends the charm of the U.S. midwest with multicultural influences from around the globe.  Ann Arbor is approximately a 45 minute drive from Detroit, a 4 hour drive from Chicago, and is in close proximity to the North American Great Lakes, which are beautiful and popular spring, summer, and fall destinations for locals.

The University of Michigan has numerous resources available for students, scholars, and community members to use during their time here, and the Division of Student Life’s Get Help page lists many. The city of Ann Arbor, similarly, offers a variety of support for individuals and families as they navigate life in the city. U-M’s Undergraduate Admissions Office offers interactive virtual tours for several areas of campus. Experience the U-M environment from anywhere in the world! Learn more about life in Ann Arbor by navigating the categories below.