International Center Grant Fund: Supporting International Student Voices, Interests and Needs


International Center Grant Fund

There are over 7,000 International students at the University of Michigan representing over 120 countries around the world. The International Center offers a grant opportunity to help student organizations and University departments recognize the diversity of the international student population through special events and programming.

We are looking to fund creative programming that will address the following goals:

  1. To elevate the voices of the international student population at the University of Michigan.
  2. To provide programming to support international students.
  3. To hold events or offer initiatives of particular interest to the international student population, at large or subsets of it (cultural, vocational, etc).

Two grant categories will be offered:

  • Recognized Student Organizations (RSO)
  • Departments (Faculty/Staff)

Grants amounts will vary based on the submitted budget and the availability of funds.

Application Process

Proposals for the International Center Grant will include the following information that will be submitted via a Google Form:

  • Title, date, time, location (in-person or virtual), and description of your proposed event.
  • Description of the learning objectives of your event and how they match the goals of this grant program.
    • Applicants should clearly explain how their proposed event aligns with the above mentioned goals of the IC Grant program.
  • The number of students you expect to participate and how you plan to advertise it.
  • If seeking funding to support pre-existing events or programming, describe how the funding would enhance the event this year.
  • A complete itemized budget sheet (click here for template) that clearly outlines the expenses involved in putting on the event, and how much money you’re requesting.

During the review process, committee members may reach out to request additional information about your proposed event or initiative.


Recognized Student Organization Grant

Grants are available to student organizations at the University of Michigan to host events or initiatives that celebrate and/or provide support to the international student population. Grants can be used to support events, initiatives, or to enhance pre-existing programming.


  • Grants are available to Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) with active University Fund Accounts through the Student Organization Account Services (SOAS) who are in good standing and in compliance with the Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations. This includes both sponsored and voluntary student organizations.
  • Proposed program/event must take place during the current academic year.
  • All events must abide by student organization policies as outlined by the Center for Campus Involvement.

Payment Method:

  • Transfer to SOAS account

Student Organizations Apply Here

Department Grant

Grants are available to University of Michigan departments to help cover costs associated with hosting events/programs designed to support international student voices, interests and needs. Grants can be used to support events, initiatives, or to enhance pre-existing programming, and can either be faculty/staff- or student-led.


  • University of Michigan departments are eligible to apply for this funding.
  • Proposed program/event must take place during the current academic year.

Payment Method:

  • Transfer to department shortcode

University Departments Apply Here

Grant Amount Guidelines

  • Per Semester: $2,500 Max, per Student Organization or Department
  • Per Academic Year: $5,000 Max, per Student Organization or Department

Examples of what this grant can fund:

  • Event supplies
  • Marketing
  • The cost of room reservations and A/V
  • Foods that comply with building policies (M-Dining and preferred vendors)

Funding will not be given to support:

  • Events that do not comply with the University of Michigan health safety regulations
  • Events with a political agenda
  • Religious services (educational programs centered on religion and spirituality are permitted)
  • Events at which alcohol or other drugs are present
  • Events with a focus on fundraising
  • Events taking place outside of the state of Michigan (virtual events hosted by a student outside of the state of Michigan, but within the United States, will be considered)
  • Events that do not clearly align with the stated goals of the IC Grant Fund
  • Honorariums, including speaker fees, travel accommodations, and gifts.

Selection Process

A selection committee will review proposals and award funding.

Grant Terms and Conditions

  • Grant recipients must share a flyer for their event prior to the fund transfer process.
  • Grant recipients must complete a Post-Event Reflection Survey within 30 days, which asks recipients to report on attendance, upload two photos/screenshots from the event, and share reflections on how the event went.
  • Funding must be used for the event that it was requested for and during the term for which it was requested. Please contact [email protected] should there be any deviations in your spending plans from what was originally requested.
  • Under no circumstances may these funds be used to support any activity prohibited by University policy.
  • Grant recipients should maintain invoices and receipts through the end of the academic year. You may be asked to provide this documentation to the International Center.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to return unspent funds.
  • Recipients must agree to forfeit funding should the event not take place.


The application is now open for events taking place during the 2023-2024 academic year. 

During the 2023-2024 academic year, there will be seven review periods with the following deadlines. Note that applications must be received by 11:59 PM on the dates above to be considered for each review period:

  • Apply by September 15, 2023 (Decision by Monday, October 2)
  • Apply by October 15, 2023 (Decision by Wednesday, November 1)
  • Apply by November 15, 2023 (Decision by Friday, December 1)
  • Apply by December 15, 2023 (Decision by Wednesday, January 10)
  • Apply by January 15, 2023 (Decision by Thursday, February 1)
  • Apply by February 15, 2023 (Decision by Friday, March 1)
  • Apply by March 15, 2023 (Decision by Monday, April 1)

Note that once a decision is made, the process of transferring funds is not immediate and can sometimes take several days. For this reason, we encourage departments and student organizations to submit applications well in advance of any proposed events.


The International Center is happy to answer questions with regard to eligibility and how to prepare a strong application. Please contact [email protected] to reach an International Center staff member. Student organizations are also encouraged to consult with the Center for Campus Involvement about event planning recommendations.

Click here or see below for a slide show featuring some of our 2022-2023 grant recipients.