Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan


The mission of the International Center is to provide services and programs for the diverse community at the University of Michigan by accomplishing its core work to SERVE the international population, FACILITATE intercultural and international education, and FOSTER a global campus community.


Our vision is to foster a global campus where through mutual understanding and respect, all U-M community members transform and grow together. We strive for inclusive, intercultural excellence where everyone derives value from the experiences of others. Learning from this environment, members of our community will take these shared experiences and carry them forward through life.

As part of the Strategic Planning process in 2015, the International Center invited its Student Employees and the IC Student Council to articulate the IC’s vision for campus. The above statement is the result of their effort and continues to serve as the vision statement for the unit. 

Strategic Plan

The International Center participated in robust reflection and strategic planning during the 2014/15 academic year, which resulted in the document: The International Center and the Next Five Years.  Led by then Interim Director Jennifer Meyer Schrage, the Strategic Plan included input from diverse stakeholders across the U-M campus and community.  The Five Year Strategic Plan is a guiding document for the International Center as it advances its mission and its core work that serves the international population, facilitates intercultural and international education, and fosters a global campus community.  An important outcome of the planning was the articulation of the core values that drive IC’s team members work individually and collectively: inclusive excellence; efficiency; collaboration; expertise; and growth.  Further, four focus areas were identified with strategic goals and actions, to be accomplished by 2020.  They fall under the categories of  institutional presence and sphere of influence; organizational effectiveness; advocacy and support; and global graduates.

You are invited to read the Strategic Plan as it provides context as to why this plan is timely and needed, and explains the process surrounding the development of the plan, and provides details about our core work, core values, and focus areas.  As a strategic plan must remain fluid in order to meet established and unnamed goals, we invite you to submit any questions, comments, suggestions to Judith Pennywell, Ed.D., Director of the International Center.