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What is MEAL @ Michigan?

MEAL @ Michigan is an opportunity for U-M faculty and staff to host international students at their home for dinner. In 2020-2021, due to COVID-19 safety measures, MEAL @ Michigan will be moving virtual! While hosts do not need to provide dinner this year, we still think this program is a great opportunity for cross-cultural exchange between international students and faculty/staff. 

For questions regarding MEAL @ Michigan, contact Kelly Wagner at

Who participates?

U-M faculty/staff are the hosts and international students are the guests! We will pair faculty/staff hosts with 3-4 international students for a virtual meet-up. Matches will be based on date availability and potential areas of study/academic level. 

When does it happen?

MEAL @ Michigan dinners typically happen on a Friday or Saturday nights (hosts and students are only matched for one date, depending on availability). For your virtual MEAL event, we suggest that you plan for a 60-90 minute meeting that starts sometime between 6-8pm. 

MEAL @ Michigan dates for this academic year:

  • Fall 2020: November 13 and 14
  • Winter 2021: March 19 and 20

How do I become a host or guest?

To become a host or a guest, you must complete an application so that we can appropriately match everyone. Matches for students and hosts will be announced March 12, 2021.

International students are matched with hosts on a first come, first served basis, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests to participate.