What is MEAL @ Michigan?

MEAL @ Michigan is an opportunity for U-M faculty and staff to host international students at their home for dinner. The program is a great opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, as well as to showcase the diversity of U.S. households.

MEAL @ Michigan dinners are meant to be informal and relaxed, and we provide both hosts and students with guides filled with tips, suggestions, and advice from past participants so the night runs as smoothly as possible. You will find these guides at the bottom of the page.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and share a meal with people from all around the world at Michigan!

Who participates?

U-M faculty/staff are the hosts and international students are the guests! Up to four international students will be matched with one host through an application process that is coordinated by the International Center.

When does it happen?

MEAL @ Michigan dinners typically happen on a Friday or Saturday nights (hosts and students are only matched for one date, depending on availability). We usually suggest eating between 6-9pm, but the timing is flexible and can be changed if a different time works better for hosts and students. Hosts will communicate what time students should arrive and how students will get to and from their home.

MEAL @ Michigan dates for this academic year:

  • Fall 2019: October 18 and 19
  • Winter 2020: February 21 and 22

How do I become a host or guest?

To become a host or a guest, you must complete an application so that we can appropriately match everyone.

Hosts: please complete this application by February 9 for winter 2020 participation.

**If you are hosting students and would like support in offsetting the cost, you can apply for MEAL Hosting Grants by completing this application. To ensure funding is received, please apply by February 11. 

Students: please complete this application by February 9 for winter 2020 participation. International students are matched with hosts on a first come, first served basis, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests to participate. 

Matches for students and hosts will be announced by February 14.

MEAL @ Michigan Guide

For more information about MEAL @ Michigan, read the following guides:

For questions regarding MEAL @ Michigan, contact Kelly Wagner at