Mandatory Immigration Check-in for Scholars

All incoming non-student exchange visitors with DS-2019s issued by the University of Michigan must complete the following mandatory check-in process before their J-1 status can be officially activated in the SEVIS government database. If the exchange visitor’s DS-2019 is not issued by the University of Michigan, the EV should contact his or her sponsor. If the DS-2019 category (Box 4) is one of one of the following, the Exchange Visitor is a non-student Exchange Visitor: Short-Term Scholar, Professor, Research Scholar or Specialist. Exchange Visitors who have been issued student DS-2019s should review the mandatory check-in information listed under mandatory check-in for students.

Mandatory Check-In for non-student exchange visitors is a three part process. Failure to complete all three parts of the mandatory check-in process will result in a loss of immigration status. The parts include:

  • (1) Pre-arrival online training
  • (2) Post-arrival online training
  • (3) Document Submission and Completion of Check-In

Part 2 and Part 3 must be completed within five business days of the exchange visitor’s arrival in the United States.

Both the Pre-Arrival Training and the Post-Arrival Training are Canvas courses. Use the enrollment links below to login to these courses, and be sure to use "U-M Login" and your U-M uniqname and password when you login. If you are not familiar with Canvas, please review this brief guide.

Part 1: Pre-Arrival Training for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Pre-Arrival Training Canvas Course (Enrollment Link)

Complete this before you apply for your J-1 visa and travel to the United States. This training covers:

  • Paying the SEVIS fee
  • Obtaining a J-1 Visa
  • Your Uniqname and U-M email
  • M-Passport (U-M portal for international students and scholars)
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Housing Arrangements
  • Arrival at a US Port of Entry
  • Travel to Ann Arbor

Part 2: Post-Arrival Training for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Post-Arrival Training Canvas Course (Enrollment Link)

Complete this training as soon as you arrive in the United States. The training includes important information about maintaining your J-1 status as well as information about daily life in the U.S.

The Post-Arrival Training topics include:

  • Maintaining J-1 Status
  • Housing
  • Banking
  • Driver’s license
  • Transportation
  • US Laws and Ordinances
  • Employment
  • Social Security
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Information for Scholars with Families

Part 3: Document Submission and Completion of Check-In


After you complete both the Part 1 and Part 2 online trainings follow the instructions on the Document Submission page of the Post-Arrival Training to complete your check-in. Failure to check in with the International Center will result in your loss of J-1 status. If you have questions, you can consult an International Student/Scholar Advisor.

Required Documents for the Part 3 Post-Arrival Check-In

Scan these documents after you arrive in the United States, and combine them in a single PDF. Please follow the instructions in the Document Submission section of your Post-Arrival Training Canvas Course.

  • Scholar Responsibility Checklist (SRC) – from your Canvas Course, with signature
  • Part 1 Completion Certificate and Part 2 Completion Certificate - from your Canvas Course
  • DS-2019 (page 1) Please sign at the bottom of DS-2019 page 1
  • Passport picture page showing the expiration date of the passport
  • US Visa showing J-1 classification
  • Your most recent I-94. Go to > choose GET MOST RECENT I-94. Available AFTER you arrive in the U.S. Do not choose VIEW TRAVEL HISTROY.

If you have J-2 dependents (spouse and/or children) who traveled with you to the US, scan their documents too and include them in your document submission.