BCN Settlement Summary

A law firm representing plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) sent notices (emails or postcards) regarding an antitrust settlement to people who were members of BCBS plans (including BCN plans like the International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan) between 2008 and 2020 (see below for specific dates). BCN has been the insurance company for the International Student/Scholar Health Insurance plan since September 1, 2019. This settlement involves BCBS plans on a national level.

If you receive a notice, keep in mind that settlement payments will total $1.78 billion but will likely be divided among millions of BCBS members across the country who are eligible to file a claim. Individuals who were insured between February 7, 2008 through October 16, 2020 are eligible to file for damages under the terms of the settlement.

Your choice to participate or not to participate in this settlement has no impact on your coverage in your International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan or any services covered under the terms of the plans.

For More Information

The University of Michigan is unable to answer questions about the lawsuit or settlement. Contact JND Legal Administration directly with any questions or concerns. Visit, email [email protected], call (888) 681-1142, or write to Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement c/o JND Legal Administration, P.O. Box 91390, Seattle WA 98111.