Naturalization/US Citizenship Information Session

Virtual (Zoom) or Ross Business School (B0560)

Description: In partnership with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, the International Center at the University of Michigan is pleased to offer a naturalization/US citizenship presentation. This presentation is intended to provide an overview of the naturalization process and to address common questions and concerns. The session is open to all University of Michigan community members who are currently legal permanent residents (green card holders).

An attorney from the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center will provide an overview of the US naturalization process as well as important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to pursue naturalization. The attorney will also be able to address common concerns and individual questions.

The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center is available for free legal advice and individualized consultation/assistance with naturalization. For more information, please attend the information session or contact Ruby Robinson, co-managing attorney at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center via email at or by phone at 734-239-6863 x658.

Registration for in-person attendance is limited to 75. Please register for either the in-person presentation or the virtual/Zoom presentation.