Information for International Students: U-M COVID-19 Student Community Health Policy

Dear U-M International Student,

On July 12, 2021, Student Life Leadership sent out a message regarding the new COVID-19 Student Community Health Policy. This included the request for students to use Wolverine Access to indicate their COVID-19 vaccination status OR indicate that they do not want to share their vaccination information.

As you are an international student, we are aware that (1) you may not have the same access to vaccines that we do here in the US, and (2) some vaccines you have access to are not approved by FDA and/or WHO.

Even if you do not currently have access to an approved vaccine and therefore have not been vaccinated yet, you should still complete the form on Wolverine Access, using the “do not wish to share” option by July 16. Then, once you have been fully vaccinated, just revisit the form and update your response.

If you haven’t already, you can upload your vaccination status OR decline sharing your status with the University here

And don’t worry—even if you aren’t able to get a vaccine before you come to campus, students will be offered the opportunity of vaccination with an FDA-authorized vaccine when they arrive on campus. Specific details on vaccination opportunities will be communicated to students during the summer as more information becomes available.

For questions about COVID-19 vaccines for international students and scholars, please refer to this helpful resource from the International Center, or email if you have any questions not answered by our website or the Maize and Blueprint vaccine information (see the FAQs at the bottom of the page). Still unsure about the details of submitting your vaccination status? You can reach the Campus COVID-19 Call Center at 734-936-7000 or email