Buying a Bicycle

Bicycle Basics

If you buy a bike, you should also:

  • Register your bike
  • Buy a good bike lock. Try not to lose the key, but if you do you can pay a bicycle shop to cut off the lock as long as you have proof that the bike belongs to you (a receipt or registration). You can buy bicycle locks at bike stores and department stores.

Purchasing a New Bicycle - Bicycle Shops

Bicycle shops offer a variety of bicycles and usually have knowledgeable sales people who can answer your questions. They also sell accessories for your bike, and can perform bicycle maintenance and repairs. However, they may be more expensive than other stores that sell bicycles, such as department stores.

For bike shops in the area visit Arborweb.

Department Stores

Buying a bike at a department store is usually less expensive than buying a bike at a bicycle shop. However, the bikes usually come unassembled, and specific tools may be needed to put them together. Department store sales staff will probably not know as much about bicycles and bicycling as sales staff who work in bicycle shops.

Examples of Local Department Stores

  • Meijer - Type Ann Arbor Michigan into the Meijer Store Locator search box
  • K-Mart - Search within 5 miles of Ann Arbor MI
  • Target

Purchasing Used Bikes

Some students choose to purchase used bikes, which are often less expensive than new bikes. You can look for used bikes:

In addition, the East Quad Bike Co-op repairs and remodels donated bicycles and can help you fix a used bicycle, or sometimes provide an entire used bicycle for you.

Getting to the Store and Getting Your New Bike Home

You can get to local bicycle shops and department stores by AATA bus.

Remember that although all AATA buses have racks to hold bikes, only 2 bikes can be transported at a time, so you may not be able to take your new bike home on the bus. Unassembled bicycles are not allowed on the bus. You may want to take a taxi, have a friend give you a ride, or ride your new bike home.