Is there a grace period to remain/exit the U.S. after the end of my H-1B?

There is no guaranteed grace period for individuals admitted to the U.S. in H, TN, E-3 or O-status. However, individuals in these statuses may be granted a discretionary 10-day grace period beyond the expiration of their employment authorization. This grace period is not automatic and has to be indicated on your I-94 record in order for you to rely on it. Effective 1/17/2017, USCIS also created a discretionary grace period of up to 60 days for individuals whose employment is terminated prior to their approved H-1B, TN, E-3 or O-status validity period (as indicated on their approval documents). The maximum duration of the grace period is 60 days or the expiration date of the underlying approval notice, whichever is shorter. This grace period is discretionary; USCIS is not required to grant it. If you have any questions about grace periods, please contact FSIS.