Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

CAN Volunteering Day

The University of Michigan Peace Corps office supports returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) interested in connecting with other RPCVs or continuing their volunteer experience in other ways. We regularly hold RPCV social events and are also frequently in need of RPCVs to speak at information sessions to share their Peace Corps story. If you’re interested in attending one of our events please check out the Peace Corps Event page and subscribe to the U-M Peace Corps registry to receive our email updates.

Resources for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

U-M Peace Corps registry The U-M Peace Corps office maintains a registry of all U-M RPCVs and information on their countries and dates of service. Register with the U-M Peace Corps office to ensure that your information is current and to receive email updates on events happening on campus.
Southeastern Michigan (SEMI) RPCV Group The Southeastern Michigan RPCV Group provides opportunities for local RPCVs to connect, share information, and volunteer to help Michigan communities.
National Peace Corps Returned Volunteers Page The national Peace Corps web site provides information and resources for RPCVs to stay connected and to share what they’ve learned through their Peace Corps experience with others. It provides information on career resources, short-term volunteer opportunities, alumni groups, and more.
National Peace Corps Association The National Peace Corps Association provides Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the Peace Corps community with opportunities for networking, provides the latest news on the Peace Corps, and advocates on behalf of the Peace Corps on issues most important to members.
U-M International Center Education Abroad Office The U-M International Center Education Abroad office provides information on studying, working, volunteering and traveling abroad, and has extensive resources on international careers. It's also the home to the U-M Peace Corps office.