Non-UM Programs

U-M students have the option to study abroad outside of the University of Michigan. They can study abroad through an independent study abroad provider, study abroad through another U.S. institution, or directly enroll at an institution in the desired country of study. Here are some of the most common reasons why students will choose to study abroad outside of the university:

  • Students might want to study in a particular location and/or take classes in a particular field of study.  If they cannot find a UM program that matches their interests, they might find a non-UM program that satisfies their needs.
  • Study abroad providers' program cost, other U.S. institutions' program cost, or the tuition at an institution in the desired country of study may be cheaper.
  • Study abroad providers often have later application deadlines.  Students who miss U-M application deadlines will often study outside of the university.

However, it should be noted that studying abroad through a non-UM program can make it difficult to transfer credit back to the University of Michigan.  See our Academic Credit page for more information on this.  Also, students going through non-UM programs should still register with the U-M Travel Registry and consider getting U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance, even if health insurance is already provided in their program.