Temporary Accommodations

Hostels are low-cost, short-term accommodations for travelers of all ages. Visitors pay for either a public or a private room. Prices vary based on style, location, and amenities but overall are very affordable. Hostels are the most common choice of accommodation for travelers; there are membership deals and discounts for frequent users. For more information, visit STA Travel.

Things to Consider

Below is some important information about hostels. If interested, there is a list of websites that provide hostel booking pages.

  • Hostels are not luxurious and are meant for short term, cheap accommodations
  • Some hostels have curfews
  • Hostel rooms can be private or public depending on preferences and availability
  • Bring a personal lock to secure belongings
  • Some hostels and hostel websites have membership opportunities that can provide discounts
  • Hostels are not exclusive to a certain age group

Hostelling International

Official worldwide International Youth Hostel web site.

Hostelz.com, Hostelworld.com, hostels.com

Site has searchable database of hostels worldwide. There is also a directory that can be browsed by region, country, and city. Complete contact information is provided for each hostel. Many also have reviews and photos.

Hostelling International-USA

Information for hostels in the U.S. and worldwide.


Web site has hostel and tourist information It includes students' comments on hostels.

United States Servas

For those interested in staying at others' homes while traveling. Servas is not a budget travel service. Participants are encouraged to interact with their hosts.


Campus Resources

STA Travel

STA will book hostels anywhere in the world. Agents can offer advice to students and they have personal experience with overseas hostels.