External Funding Sources

External Funding Opportunities

Private opportunities outside the University of Michigan may be available for additional funding. This funding is completed independently; it is best to prepare a presentation as to why funding is needed. External funding options include:

Fundraising Guides

General Fundraising Tips

  • Don't hesitate to ask! Networking and asking people for funding ideas is always worth a try.
  • Start early!
  • If you are interested in a paid internship, persistence helps! Other internship programs also offer specific stipends or paid internships that might not be listed.

Additional Resources for Finding External Funding

U-M International Center, Education Abroad Office Library

Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad 2008-2010, by Gail Ann Schlachter, 2008. Also available from Reference Service Press. Lists over 1,200 funding sources for professional work Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad 2008-2010, by Gail Ann Schlachter, 2008. Lists almost 1,000 funding sources available to support formal educational programs

Michigan State University Grants for Individuals: International
Includes grants for students seeking funding opportunities related to area studies. Study abroad resources are clearly marked as being for MSU students only; website directs people to the area studies’ section for information that would be applicable to non-MSU students.