French Study Abroad Internships and Volunteering

Some study abroad programs also include internship or volunteer opportunities. Some programs may offer internships as an optional add on—opportunities are not guaranteed—and others ensure every participant will be given an internship/service learning placement. Hours of internship work also vary by jobs and programs.

Below are some examples of credible programs offering study –internship opportunities categorized by location. Search the database for more specific program opportunities.

Note: There are University Travel Warnings issued on some of destinations listed below. It is the participant’s responsibility to research this information & to adhere to the University’s Travel Policy if going to one of these destinations as a University of Michigan student. See the University’s Travel Policy for further information, including a current list of countries with travel warnings and restrictions.

U-M Resources for French Study Abroad & Internships

  • M-Compass
    Database that includes U-M sponsored education abroad programs. Contact program advisors to find out whether internship or service-learning opportunities are available.
  • LSA Internship Office
    Offers internships in France, Belgium, Switzerland, French-speaking Canada and French-speaking Africa. Non-LSA students are also welcome to apply.
  • Study in France
    Although not a U-M resource, this website provides useful information about studying in France, the French education system, and information on living in France (cost of living, healthcare, etc.).

Examples of Non-UM Study Abroad Programs with Internship or Service-learning Opportunities



Geneva, Switzerland

  • Boston University (international relations focused, internships at United Nations agencies)
  • Kent State University (international relations focused, internships at United Nations agencies)

Senegal, Africa

Other African Locations

Short- Term Volunteer Projects (including Workcamps or Chantiers)

Volunteer projects known as workcamps offer the opportunity to volunteer and live with a group of 10-20 other international volunteers. Workcamps pay only room and board and job descriptions vary. Programs last 2-4 weeks and take place during the summer. Student status is not required.

Apply and register for summer workcamps in February or March. Below is a list of niche workcamp programs for Francophone countries; knowledge of French is almost always necessary.

    Workcamps mainly in France, but also Algeria, Belgium, Morocco, and more. Most involve restoration/construction for awareness of cultural heritage. 12 volunteers per camp, 2-3 weeks in duration. Registration fee good for one year; pay room and board directly to individual camp's association (information is in French).
  • La Sabranenque
    Volunteer restoration projects in Provence, France (and Italy) for preservation of the rural Mediterranean habitat. Two-week sessions held March-October. French skills not required.
    A worldwide volunteer organization which offers unusual projects, typically with activist themes. Fees are low. Countries available include Belgium, Burkina Faso, France, Switzerland, Canada, North Africa, Togo and Senegal. Volunteers are provided food, housing, and insurance. Most programs in Europe require only beginning French and programs in Africa require fluent French. For U.S. residents only.
  • Volunteers for Peace (VFP)
    Over 3000 projects offered in more than 100 countries, including Belgium, Canada, France, Haiti, Morocco, Switzerland, Senegal, Tunisia, and Togo. Fees vary. Over 300 projects offered yearly in France alone. No foreign language proficiency required for most camps.
  • Operation Crossroads Africa
    Not a workcamp program. Projects offered in Francophone countries including Benin, Niger, Senegal and Togo. Program runs eight weeks with projects in agriculture, community service, education/teaching, women's development, community health/medical outreach. The program fee includes tuition, housing, all meals, and international airfare.