Funding Resources for U-M Undergraduate Internships and Research

There are many scholarship and grants available to support U-M undergraduate students who will be doing internships or research abroad. Below is a list of resources on campus through which you can find these opportunities:

Before applying, check out the “Undergraduate Funding Tips” for useful information.

Suggested Funding Sources

  • Your U-M School:
    Some U-M colleges may offer funding with a formal application. For example, the LSA Opportunity Hub offers an LSA Internship Scholarship for need-based candidates only. Opportunities through other schools and colleges can be found on M-Compass.
  • The Honors College:
    For Honors College students, this is also a resource for travel and research grants for undergraduates. Applications are required. Visit the Honors Program.
  • The Residential College (R.C.):
    Offers an internship award, Visit the Residential College.
  • Your U-M school's international office
    Most U-M Schools and Colleges have an international office or, at the very least, a point person. 
  • Your concentration's department
  • U-M departments may have funding available for students that can relate an internship to their academic coursework. This might be the case, even if you don’t see specific resources listed on the department’s website.
  • Foreign Language Departments
    May offer grants for undergraduates (even to non-majors) who will be doing an internship in a language taught by the Department
  • U-M International Institute
    Offers grants for undergraduates through the International Institute's Individual Fellowship program. See U-M International Institute. Also check with the Area Studies Centers for funding opportunities.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
    Financial aid may transfer if abroad experiences apply towards academic credit. Talk to your academic advisor and see Office of Financial Aid for more information.
    The Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) offers internships with many of their study abroad programs. Many study abroad programs (both U-M and non-U-M) offer scholarships or the option to transfer financial aid.
  • The Ginsberg Center
    Offers a number of grants for individuals or groups doing internships or research with a service, social justice or “community-based” focus.
  • Center for the Education of Women
    Student Research Grants for those doing research in a variety of fields. Some are focused on certain areas of the world, while others focus on research that fits with the mission of the CEW.
  • The Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Program (MHIRT) offers fully-funded research opportunities in Chile, China, Ghana Jamaica, Mongolia, South Africa, and Uganda for undergraduates who have “demonstrated interest and commitment to research in health inequalities”.
  • Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Fellowship (administered by the International Center)– In the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg’s experience at Michigan, the Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Fellowship will allow selected students to take part in a community service project or civic participation anywhere in the world. Can be found on MCompass. Search Scholarship Programs: “Wallenberg.”
  • Barger Leadership Institute (BLI): Global Scholarships and Global Internship Awards for BLIfellows from any academic program seeking summer internships abroad.