Work Abroad in Other Fields

All Professions

  • * The Riley Guide
    Although not specifically international, this is an excellent compilation of profession-specific resources on the web. See resources for specific industries and occupations.


  • * Chronicle of Higher Education
    For academicians the Chronicle is the best source of job listings (for the well-qualified; most positions require a Ph.D. or professional degree). Much of the site is accessible only to subscribers. Also check with discipline-specific professional associations.

Arts: Architecture, Performing, Visual


Most overseas job sites list plenty of business jobs, though most require experience.

  • U-M Ross School of Business Global Initiatives
    Global Initiatives at U-M's Ross School of Business offers global business courses, international internship programs, and semester exchange programs to U-M undergraduates from all schools and colleges. Also offers global business courses and exchange programs to MBA students.
  • William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
    U-M's William Davidson Institute offers a number of international internships and projects. Most are for U-M M.B.A. students, while some are open to U-M graduate students in related disciplines. (For U-M graduate students only.)
  • * AIESEC - U.S.A. and AIESEC Worldwide
    AIESEC (from the French acronym for the International Association of Students in Economic and Business Management) is an international student-run organization which offers approximately 5,000 paid internships each year in business and other fields in over 80 countries. Site has links to chapters worldwide. Note that application for AIESEC internships is possible only through campus chapters.
  • AIESEC-Michigan chapter
    U-M students should contact this office. (For U-M students only.)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce: International Division
    Not a jobs site, but a useful organization for anyone interested in international trade.

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Envirolink: The Online Environmental Community
    Site has links to hundreds of environmental organizations worldwide.
  • S.D. Gateway (Sustainable Development)
    Not only environmental, this outstanding site will be of interest to people in a number of fields, from policy and international relations to development and nongovernmental organizations. Try a search using internship or desired location. Has links to job sites.

Health: Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Social Work

International Educational Exchange

International Relations, International Organizations, Public Policy

  • Overseas Opportunities in U.S. Government Foreign Affairs
  • Internships with the United Nations
  • Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
    International policy-related job listings.
  • APSIA (Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs)
    These are some of the top graduate schools offering advanced degrees in preparation for international careers. Website links to these schools and search the Career Services offices of the individual schools for international work.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development
    Work in international economic and social development through this U.S. government Agency. Offers careers and internships throughout the world.
  • * U.S. Department of State
    How to work for the U.S. diplomatic services. The State Department offers 1,000 internships annually, student work programs, and special fellowship/internship programs such as the Foreign Affairs Fellowship and Fascell Fellowship. Site also shows how to apply for career positions.
  • U.S.A. JOBS
    Official employment website of the U.S. Government. Many departments such as Commerce, Treasury, C.I.A. and others offer international career opportunities.
  • U.N. and International Organization Employment Information
    Provides an extensive overview of employment with the U.N. and other multi-government international organizations, with links and job announcements. (A U.S. Department of State site.)
    Website of the Swiss-based Association, an association of current and former staff of the United Nations as well as international and non-governmental organizations. Lists current vacancy announcements from U.N. agencies and other related organizations around the world. A search using internship brings up announcements of internships.
  • The W.W.W. Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
    Not designed as an employment site, this website has the most comprehensive set of links for international relations.
  • Women in International Security (WIIS)
    Women in International Security is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women working in foreign and defense policy. WIIS offers a jobs hotline for members (student memberships available).
  • Woodrow Wilson International Fellowship Foundation
    Information on several multi-year scholarship-internship programs for students, especially women and minorities, interested in careers in international affairs.