Peace Corps

This organization is unique in terms of the support it gives its volunteers. These are among the best-paid entry-level jobs in the developing world. Benefits include all expenses and transportation, extensive training, a resettlement allowance of approximately $7,000 at the end of the two-year assignment, and in some cases partial cancellation of educational loans and tuition assistance for future study. Only U.S.citizens are eligible.

The Peace Corps (by its charter) goes only where it is invited and attempts to provide skills requested by the inviting country. Generalists are still hired as English teachers and other positions after meeting the Peace Corps' requirements. Others with skills in areas such as math and science, health and nutrition, skilled trades, business, education and special education, forestry, fisheries, and agriculture are especially welcome. Inquire at: 

U-M Peace Corps Office 
Located in the U-M International Center 

If you live outside southeast Michigan, contact: 
Peace Corps