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Information Session: MIISP: IC Global Wolverines

Friday, December 9, 2016
IC Global

Description: Undergraduate students! Do you have an international internship or service program set up for the summer and would like some additional assistance in preparing for that experience? Or maybe you're still looking for an international summer experience. Either way, MIISP: IC Global Wolverines is the program for you! Join us Friday, December 9 at 12PM at the International Center for an information session!

Teaching & Volunteering Abroad Panel

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Description: Programs for teaching and volunteering abroad offer a vast range of opportunities in fields such as health, social work, natural resources and teaching English. Positions are available for undergraduate and graduate/professional students, as well as for those about to graduate. Find out about some well-established programs and follow up with their representatives (and others) at the International Opportunities Fair the following day.

Introduction to the Foreign Service Officer Selection Process and Test

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Description: Introduction to the Foreign Service Officer Selection Process and Test: Diplomat in Residence Drew Mann will review the path to a career as a Foreign Service Officer, and provide detailed information about each step in the process. Are you considering whether to take the Foreign Service Test? Trying to figure out the best time of year (October, February, or June) to do so? Curious about the format of the test, what subjects are covered, how to prepare, and test-taking strategies? If so, be sure to attend this session.

Engineering as a Global Profession

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Description: "Engineering is a global profession." Yes, yes, you may have heard this time and again. But, seriously, what does that mean? You might not end up living or even traveling abroad for your job so what does this have to do with you. Come to this panel and networking session with guests from industry and academia to hear about how and why their work is global. Whether you've had an international experience already or not yet or are an international student, this session is for you!

Health and Development Work Abroad: Ethics and Best Practices

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Description: Growing numbers of Americans work in developing countries as volunteers or as employees of government agencies, NGOs and charities devoted to humanitarian aid. Many of these activities are meant to address gaps in the health care available to communities with limited resources; some provide direct patient care, while others address more systemic issues such as access to vaccines and/or training to increase the number of local health care professionals.

International Opportunities Fair

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Description: The University Career Center and the International Center are pleased to host the 19th annual International Opportunities Fair, an event that brings students and representatives of organizations together to explore:

  • Internships Abroad
  • Volunteering Abroad
  • Teaching Abroad
  • Post Graduation Opportunities
  • Scholarships

New for 2022:


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