Contacts and Assistance with the DS-2019 Process

DS-2019 Request Submissions

Shared Services Center main number: (734) 615-2000

  • Issues with eForms and other documents related to submitting requests:

Additional Comment Field in ServiceLink Case Connect

  • Questions related to a DS-2019 request in process or changes related to a current request, such as a change to a start date or a cancellation

Mandatory Check-In and Post-Arrival Issues

Katherine Yang ([email protected])

  • Exchange Visitor Departure Notifications
  • Questions regarding the Mandatory Check-In process

Immigration issues

Call 734.647.0658 and ask to be connected to the immigration advisor assigned to your department or email [email protected]

  • J-1 Immigration regulations
  • Deciding between J-1 and another visa category; which is most appropriate for visitor?
  • Deciding which J-1 category to use
  • Questions regarding changing from one visa category to another
  • Two year home residency requirement 212(e) and waiver
  • Incidental employment
  • Visa issues including rejection, delays, and security clearances