Inviting a J-1 Exchange Visitor: Information for Faculty

Inviting a J-1 Exchange Visitor involves faculty, a department administrative contact, the Shared Services Center, and the International Center. Your department will need to request Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 visa) from the International Center, so that the J-1 Exchange Visitor can apply for a J-1 visa in order to enter the United States in J-1 status. The administrative contact is often a member of the human resources group in your unit, but can be anyone who will be able to carry out the responsibilities outlined in Inviting a J-1 Exchange Visitor: Information for Administrative Staff.


  • Review the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program overview, funding requirements, and department responsibilities.
  • Determine the program objective
  • Work with your administrative contact to prepare the Form DS-2019 request
    • Department administrative contact prepares and submits e-Form to Shared Services Center (SSC).
    • SSC collects documents from the prospective Exchange Visitor and enters information into M-Pathways. They then transfer the request to the International Center for review and approval.
    • Your department administrative contact should notify the SSC about any necessary corrections or updates (changes in dates, for example)

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the program objective accurately reflects what the J-1 Exchange Visitor will do at U-M, and that you have considered cultural and educational exchange components.
    The Shared Services Center will prepare the official letter of invitation (addressed to the Department of State Exchange Visitor Program) based on the program objective information. This letter is then reviewed by the International Center.
  • Verify that the prospective Exchange Visitor’s English language proficiency is sufficient for the proposed teaching or research activity.
    Note: The Shared Services Center will conduct a second assessment to verify that the prospective Exchange Visitor has sufficient English proficiency to navigate everyday life in the U.S. and to participate in cross-cultural activities.
  • Verify that the prospective Exchange Visitor has appropriate academic credentials
  • Maintain communication with your administrative contact throughout your Exchange Visitor’s program at U-M, especially with regard to:
    • Delayed arrivals or program cancellations
    • inquiries from your Department Administrative Contact about the whereabouts of exchange visitors who have not yet checked in
    • Early departure (before the DS-2019 form end date) of your Exchange Visitor. Your department will need to submit the Notice of Early Departure request through the M-Passport portal so that the International Center can comply with the government obligation to report early departures.
    • J-1 Exchange Visitors who require out of country authorization.
    • Plans to extend your Exchange Visitor’s stay at U-M (beyond the DS-2019 end date)