Transportation in Ann Arbor

Public Transportation

  • U-M Buses: Free university-sponsored buses that run between Central, South, Medical and North Campuses.
  • The Ride: U-M students, scholars, faculty and staff can ride the buses for free by swiping a valid yellow MCard (University of Michigan ID).  More information can be found at the Campus Information Center.

After Hours Transit Services

  • There are several options for after hours transit services on and near campus designed to meet special needs and to fill in the gaps between regular service hours and/or in case of an emergency or a situation where you may feel unsafe walking alone at night.
  • Ride & Rental Services
    • Uber/ Lyft: Use these ridesharing apps on your phone or device to connect with a driver.
    • Zipcar: This is an hour by hour car rental program. The hourly and daily rates include the car, gas, and insurance. To use this service, members need to be 18 or older, have a valid driver's license and have been licensed for at least one year. A U.S. driver's license is recommended but not required. Learn more about applying with a foreign license.
    • Other Car Rental Services: There are various options available for longer-term car rentals for drivers who are at least 25 years old. Drivers ages 18-24 are able to rent a car in Michigan; however they will be charged a daily surcharge in addition to the rental fee.
    • GreenRide Connect: This is a web-based application that helps U-M employees find other people to share a carpool or vanpool.


U-M Parking and Transportation Services has information about Bicycling in Ann Arbor, including safe cycling, university policies, and bike routes, as well as links to other bicycling resources including City of Ann Arbor and regional bike maps.

Beyond Ann Arbor

  • Amtrak: Inter-city passenger trains
  • Greyhound: Intercity bus transportation
  • D2A2: bus that connects Ann Arbor with downtown Detroit
  • FlixBus: bus that connects Ann Arbor to Chicago
  • MegaBus: bus that connects Ann Arbor to select towns in Indiana and Michigan

Airport Transportation (to and from DTW)

  • AirRide/Michigan Flyer: Least expensive Airport bus
  • AirBus: UM - DTW bus before and after U-M breaks
  • Airport Shuttle: More expensive but will pick you up and drop you off at your door. Convenient if you have heavy luggage. Advance reservations usually needed

Buying a Used Car

Places to Look

  • Websites
  • Apps
    • Facebook Marketplace (Search “Vehicles” and then filter by vehicle type, make, body style, and price)
    • Carvana
    • WeChat
  • Used Car Dealerships
    • Numerous in Ann Arbor
    • Costs might be higher if you purchase your car through a dealer

Before You Purchase a Used Car

It is advisable to hire a mechanic to inspect a car you are considering purchasing. Many local repair shops or service stations will inspect the vehicle for a fee. When calling or making an appointment online, confirm that the shop will check all the vital systems (brakes, belts, steering, oil, cooling system, exhaust, shocks, tires) and make sure they will test drive the vehicle.

Below are some local service stations that perform diagnostic inspections. Please remember that the International Center cannot guarantee the quality of any specific mechanic.

Responsibilities & Costs

Owning a car comes with certain responsibilities and costs, such as paying for:


  • You can find some useful information about mechanics and cars at Car Talk.
  • You can find useful information about a specific car's history at Carfax.
  • You can determine the value of new and used cars at Kelley Blue Book.