Step 1: Apply

  • Complete the Peace Corps Prep application on MCompass by September 30 (fall semester) or January 31 (winter semester).
  • Refer to the Student Guide to plan how you intend to fulfill the Peace Corps Prep requirements
  • Within two weeks you can expect to hear from a Peace Corps Prep Advisor regarding your application status

Step 2: Attend Peace Corps Prep Orientation

  • Once admitted, you will be invited to a Peace Corps Prep Orientation meeting to learn more about the program specifics and engage with fellow PC Prep students

Step 3: Meet with a PC Prep Advisor

  • After attending the PC Prep Orientation, you may wish to meet with a PC Prep advisor
  • Come to this meeting prepared to discuss the curriculum and service plan that you completed on your application - this will be an opportunity to double check that your intended plan will be successful and/or make any changes

Step 4: Certificate requirements

  • When enrolling in classes, ensure that you are signing up for courses that also fulfill the work sector, cultural competence, and language requirements of the PC Prep program
  • Engage in service hours to fulfill work sector requirements - remember to have the tracking form signed by a supervisor!
  • While you may choose to wait until your senior year to have your resume reviewed and complete a mock interview, it is never too soon to plan how you will fulfill the leadership requirement; joining a student organization may be a good way to start!

Step 5: Engage

  • Stay connected to the Peace Corps Prep community by taking part in Peace Corps Prep meetings and other related events
  • Be sure to connect with a PC Prep Coordinator periodically to track your progress in the program and ensure you are meeting the requirements
  • Apply to become a Peace Corps Ambassador to spread awareness of the the Peace Corps on campus

Step 6: Completion of requirements

  • After successfully completing all of the program requirements, meet with a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow to review the Exit Checklist (contact the PC Prep Committee to set this up)
  • Submit the following documents to MCompass for review by a PC Prep coordinator:
    • Unofficial university transcripts
    • Work sector hour documentation
    • Resume review verification form
    • Interview preparation verification form
    • Exit checklist
  • Once you’ve completed the MCompass requirements, you’ll need to “Request an Audit” in MCompass. This will alert the PC Prep Committee that you have completed your program and they will begin reviewing your materials
  • Upon completion of the program requirements and approval by a PC Prep coordinator, a request will be sent to the Peace Corps headquarters for your official PC Prep Certificate

Step 7: Prepare for service

  • For students who wish to serve in the Peace Corps upon graduation, you may begin looking into the best Peace Corps position for you!
  • For advice on the application process, reach out to a PC Recruiter right here on U-M’s campus!