1. Is the Peace Corps hard to get into? Do I really need this program?

The Peace Corps has seen record numbers of applicants in recent times, thus it is becoming increasingly competitive. Participating in the Peace Corps Prep program will help you to identify and acquire the skills that Peace Corps is looking for in its volunteers and will give you a competitive edge; however, acceptance is not a guarantee.

2. I'm a senior. Is it too late for me to earn a Peace Corps Prep certificate?

You may be able to retroactively count requirements of the PC Prep program that you have already fulfilled. We suggest meeting with a PC Prep advisor to see what requirements you have already fulfilled and identify any gaps that may be completed during your final year. Contact info: [email protected]

3. What is the deadline for the application?

Starting in Fall 2020, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. We will notify you when your application has been accepted and invite you to a welcome orientation to learn more about the program.

4. What if I sign up for the Peace Corps Prep program but don't complete it for some reason?

The PC Prep program is a voluntary program, thus there is no penalty for not completing. However, the program does offer many advantages for a number of future careers or service experiences, and it is only to your benefit to complete the requirements!

5. Can I still do Peace Corps Prep if I am an international student?

Yes, you may certainly participate in the program. However, you must have U.S. citizenship to apply for the Peace Corps. Peace Corps Prep emphasizes the development of skills that will translate well into a variety of settings, particularly if you are interested in working with people from different cultures.

6. I've successfully completed the Peace Corps Prep program. What's next?

Congratulations! You have completed a program that makes you a more successful applicant to the Peace Corps or other similar service programs. The U-M has Peace Corps recruiters available to assist you in applying for the Peace Corps, or you may wish to meet with an advisor at the International Center to explore additional overseas opportunities.