ITIN Application Instructions: Not In F Or J Immigration Status

If you need ITINs for dependents who are not eligible for Social Security numbers in order to include them in your U.S. tax return, you will need to submit Form W-7 for your dependents to the IRS.

When you file Form W-7, you must submit your dependents’ original documents (such as a passport), or submit copies of original documents that have been certified by the issuing agency, or visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center to have documents reviewed. The International Center strongly advises you NOT to send original documents to the IRS. If you cannot obtain copies of your dependents’ documents that have been certified by the issuing agency, you and your dependents should plan to visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center that can verify their documents. When you visit the Taxpayer Assistance Center, bring your completed, signed federal tax return and the ITIN applications (Form W-7) for your dependents. Once the Taxpayer Assistance Center has verified your dependents’ documents, you will have to submit your tax return with your dependents’ ITIN application to the Taxpayer Assistance Center. Be sure to make a copy of your signed tax return for your records.

If you pay a tax preparer to prepare your taxes, check with the preparer about options for submitting ITIN applications for your dependents.

Note: The Detroit Taxpayer Assistance Center provides in-person document review.

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