Guest Student Information

Study at another school during annual vacation

An F-1 student may attend another school as a recreational activity during an authorized vacation period (spring/summer term) without transferring his or her SEVIS record provided he or she is eligible and intends to register for the next term at the authorized school. If the student's address will change during the summer, it must be updated in SEVIS.

Study at another school during the academic year (fall/winter semesters)

An F-1 student may attend another school during the academic year provided he/she maintains full time enrollment at U-M. Full time U-M enrollment for undergraduate students is 12 credits, for graduate students 8 credits, and for GSI/GSRAs 6 credits.

If an F-1 student wishes to enroll part time at U-M and part time at another school, concurrent enrollment authorization is required.

It is not allowed to enroll full time at another school while taking no classes at U-M during the academic year.

Only 3 credits of online courses may count toward full time enrollment.

Some colleges/universities may require a letter from the International Center (IC)

Process for Getting a Guest Student Letter from the IC:

  1. Log in to the M-Passport portal, click on Requests > Standard Letter, and select Guest Letter from the list
  2. Be sure to attach required documents
  3. Usual processing time for Guest Student Letters is 5 business days.

Some colleges/universities may require the “Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application.”

Process for Getting Guest Application from the University of Michigan Office of the Registrar (RO):

  1. Print and complete the form in advance (optional, they also have hardcopies at RO)
    • Go to and search for “Guest Application” in the Keyword Search box
    • Find the “Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application”
    • Complete, print and sign Part I
  2. Go to the Registrar’s Office in person any time during office hours
  3. RO will mail or fax the Guest Application directly to the other college
    • If you already have a guest student letter from the IC, you may take it with you to the RO and they’ll send both together. 
    • If you do not yet have the guest student letter from the IC, you are responsible for submitting it to your guest institution yourself.