Dry Appointments, Visiting Scholars and Volunteering

Dry appointments are unpaid, courtesy appointments, usually given to individuals already employed at the University or external medical practitioners so that they may have admitting privileges or have access to systems necessary for their external work (e.g. supervision of practicum students). Even though people with a “dry” appointment are not necessarily engaged in work and no I-9 is completed for them, they are considered employees of the University.

Visiting Scholars, by definition, are not employees of the University and are not providing a service to the University. However, they are here to engage in work activities, be it on behalf of the University or another entity. They may or may not be paid.

To qualify for a dry appointment, a visiting scholar appointment or any other type of paid or unpaid appointment, the individual in question must have employment authorization.

While foreign nationals may volunteer while in the U.S., individuals whose employment authorization has expired or has not yet begun may not volunteer in the position (or a portion thereof) he or she held or intends to hold for employment. They may also not volunteer in a position that is normally compensated. For more information on the University’s volunteer policy, refer to the Office of General Counsel.