Traveling in the U.S.

If you are traveling within the U.S., especially outside of the immediate Ann Arbor area, you should carry your original immigration/status documents (e.g. passport, I-94 print-out and H-1B approval notice) with you. Even though you most likely will not be asked for them, it is important to note that, by law, you are required to carry your “registration form” with you. As a non-immigrant, your registration form is your I-94. Please be sure to store copies of all your immigration documents, should you lose your original documents and need to replace them.

Before You Travel Internationally

While you hold H-1B status, you are free to travel internationally. Before you travel, please review the University of Michigan Travel Information & Registration website, which includes current travel conditions and helpful links, as well as a registration for faculty, staff and students traveling for University-related activities. The Department of State also issues travel alerts and warnings.

Entering the U.S. for the First Time

Individuals coming to the U.S. in H-1B, TN and E-3 status may enter the country as early as ten days prior to the approved start date as indicated on their H-1B Approval Notice/LCA (E-3) or TN documents. Individuals attempting to enter the U.S. before this 10-day period run the risk of being refused admission at the border.

No such guidelines exist for people coming to the U.S. in either TN or E-3 status, though the 10-day period in place for H-1B beneficiaries provides a good, rough guideline. Particularly individuals coming to the U.S. in TN status may be turned around at the border if they attempt to enter the country “too early” as defined by the individual CBP officer at the border.

Please be sure to review CBP’s international visitor information to review important information regarding the admission process and about bringing food, medication, pets and money and other monetary instruments into the U.S.

Re-entering the U.S.

To re-enter the US after a stay abroad, you should always bring the following documents:

Upon your return to the U.S.

Please send a copy of your new I-94 record to the International Center for verification!


Travel while an H-1B Petition is Pending
Travel while a Green Card Petition is Pending