Process Overview

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The employment-based immigration process is a multi-step process that requires input from the hiring unit and the international employee as well as several U-M offices, including (Academic) HR, the Export Control Program and the Shared Service Center. The application involves several federal governmental agencies, such as the Department of Labor, Department of State and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). The process is managed and controlled by the Faculty and Staff Immigration Services (FSIS) office in the International Center.

As governmental processing times can be significant, once a decision to hire a foreign national has been made, the hiring department should consult with FSIS as soon as possible to determine the appropriate immigration status, timelines involved and to start the application process by submitting the relevant authorization form:

An FSIS adviser will prepare and submit the relevant petition to the appropriate agency for approval. At each step of the process, FSIS will provide detailed guidance and advice on how to proceed. As indicated in the SPG, only FSIS may prepare and submit immigration-related petitions on behalf of the University of Michigan.