Dental Care

The U-M International Student/Scholar Health Insurance (IHI) plan covers routine exams and cleanings twice a year, and also covers emergency pain relief, fillings, and the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. You can find more information on dental coverage in the “adult dental" section of your Member Guide, which is one of your Insurance Plan Documents.

  • Visit Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and select Blue Dental PPO as your network. Enter your location, then search for dentists. For routine exams and cleanings, search for dentists whose speciality is "General Dentistry."
  • You can also use your insurance plan at the Graduate Clinics at the University of Michigan Dental School. Note: the University of Michigan Dental School has other clinics, but not all of them accept your insurance. When you call to make your appointment, ask if your insurance is accepted. If not, ask if there is another University of Michigan Dental School clinic that provides the services you need and that accepts your insurance.
  • You can also ask friends, classmates, department administrators or professors for recommendations, then check to see if the dentist is in the insurance plan’s network.
  • If your dentist has questions about how to submit a claim to your insurance, you can refer them to this Provider Guide. The “commercial” column applies to your insurance plan.

If you are under age 19, or have children under age 19, your plan provides more dental coverage, which is explained in the “pediatric dental” section of your Member Guide.

Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency, call your dentist for advice.  You can also:

Lower-Cost Dental Services

If you need a type of dental treatment that is not covered by your insurance plan, the University of Michigan School of Dentistry has lower- cost dental services for adults and children. Most of the services are provided by student dentists, supervised by faculty members. There may be a wait of several weeks for an appointment.

Other Options for Dental Care

  • Dental Faculty Associates (DFA) Clinic
    Fees are similar to private dentists, but this clinic may be convenient for students, scholars, and their families since it is located in the School of Dentistry.