Prescription Drugs

  • Prescription drugs are covered at 90%. If you purchase the medication at University Health Services (UHS) or any other Aetna Pharmacy Management participating pharmacy, you will only be required to pay 10% at the time you buy your medication.
  • Simply show your current insurance card or certificate to the pharmacist and they will bill Aetna directly, asking you only for 10 percent of the cost.
  • You can save money by buying medication from a pharmacy in the Aetna network. You can find those pharmacies by clicking here.
  • Prescription drug claim forms are available online. You will need to complete the form, include a copy of your receipt and the information about your prescription, and mail it to Aetna Pharmacy Management. If you're not able to a pharmacy in the Aetna network, then you may need to pay first and request to be reimbursed by Aetna directly. Forms to do that are here.